Encro e Clarun

Encro e Clarun is a 4 track EP by Rivesaltes accompanied by a Dolce Teoria versione.

Acoustic and modular rumbles converse to lace the unpolished and dubbed out sounds that span from night to day, winter to spring.

Artwork by Marlenes Illustrationen
Mastering by Airlock Audio at Studio Archipel

Window Shadow

Window Shadow is a 4 track EP by flandez. It’s subtle driving blurred refections of sound take us to that special place. You know the spot. It’s that place you go… in the late night hour…when all excess melts away and all you are left with is the dance floor.

It’s on the dance floor that Ana+one makes his mark…urging you to carry on…into your morning groove.

Window Shadow is you.

Mastering by Airlock Audio.
Artwork by Marlenes Illustrationen.

Frog Bar

Frog Bar is 5 track EP by Marlene Magnoli. Marlene takes us on a hop from the random and weird to the light and lofty – with a playful and animated approach she offers a seasonally spry set of tracks to bop about to. This blend of bouncey goodness is picked up by Montreal’s Stefny Winter and mixed on out into one kicker of a frog licker! Enjoy!

Mastering by Airlock Audio.
Artwork by Marlene’s Illustration.

Red, Green, Blue and Green

Red, Green, Blue and Green is a 4 track EP created by Sven Laux. Meticulous and melodic; through tiny specs seep the richness of each sound. Complimented by the beautiful and diverse perspectives of 0x7f and Wiklow, this EP is perfect to chill, to roam, to ground.

Artwork: Marlenes Illustrationen
Mastering: Airlock Audio

The Slightest Inkling

The Slightest Inkling is a 5 track EP by Hushlamb Label Project head, Alicia Hush. True to form, Alicia has stepped forward with a presentation filled with energy, bounce and just the right amount of random. Balanced off with a beautiful and fresh remix by emerging Montreal artist, dull – this full package release is one you will want to devour whole.

Mastering by Airlock Audio
Artwork by Marlenes Illustrationen


For this project we reached out to a number of our favourite producers, who in turn provided us with a deliciously rich and diverse range of sounds. We then coupled the originals with the Hushlamb artists we thought would offer a unique and interesting interpretation. The result, Heraclitus, our second V.A compilation. We hope enjoy as much as we do!

Mastering by Airlock Audio
Artwork by Marlenes Illustrationen