Author: Alicia Hush

Vervet Underground

Vervet Underground is a 4 track EP by Alicia Hush. Alicia brings our butts to the dance floor for an all out monkey like affair. This good ole hush style ho down is complimented by a smooth and sneaky remix by ana+one.

Artwork by Marlenes Illustrationen
Mastering by Scape Mastering
Distributed by Memoria

The Slightest Inkling

The Slightest Inkling is a 5 track EP by Hushlamb Label Project head, Alicia Hush. True to form, Alicia has stepped forward with a presentation filled with energy, bounce and just the right amount of random. Balanced off with a beautiful and fresh remix by emerging Montreal artist, dull – this full package release is one you will want to devour whole.

Mastering by Airlock Audio
Artwork by Marlenes Illustrationen